Just a reminder that the Heathen Winternights Potluck and Ritual is coming up this Sunday at 1:30.

Please bring a dish to pass that reminds you of your family or your loved ones who have passed on. You will have a chance to talk about your dish and its importance to you during the ritual. Once you know what you will be bringing, please post it here so we do not have duplicate dishes.

Please bring your feast gear. Also, a $1-5 donation to have defray the costs of this event could be appreciated, but is not mandatory to attend the event.

At the ritual, you’ll also have a chance to honor any loved ones (humans or pets) who died within the last year. We will also have an ancestor altar set up if you would like to bring photos of your loved ones.

I will likely be in full Viking Age garb, so feel free to wear an appropriate costume. However, no costume or garb is required.

The rough schedule of the event is this:
1:30-2:15 or so–Set up food, grab plates, and eat.
2:15 or so the ritual will wrapping up somewhere between 4 and 5pm.

You’ll be able to eat during the ritual and go back for seconds/take a bathroom break between the rounds. Unlike a typical Heathen event, since we are at the UU church. we will be using apple cider instead of mead or beer.

The ritual will be a three-round submel:  the first round will honor Freyr as the God of the Harvest and honored deity for this event; the second round will be about the dishes brought to this event and their significance; and the third round will be for honoring those loved ones who have recently passed away.

Hope to see you all there!

Cara Freyasdaughter