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November 2015

Planning a Yule Celebration of your own?  Check out Kristen’s Winter Solstice Pinboard for ideas to get your party started.

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30 Gift Ideas For A Pagan Gift Exchange


Are you coming to the White Oak Grove CUUPS Yule Potluck and Party on December 6th?  Do you still not know what you’ll be bringing for the mystery gift exchange?  Here are 30 great gifts for pagans to spark your imagination!  Remember – the CUUPs gift exchange suggests a $10 value for each gift, and to get a gift you must also bring a gift.

  1. Smudge sticks
  2. Herbal blends
  3. Blessed oils
  4. Candles
  5. Candleholder
  6. Candle snuffer
  7. Feathers
  8. Crystals
  9. Shells
  10. Amulets
  11. Incense
  12. Incense burner
  13. Divination aids
  14. Bells / chimes
  15. Book
  16. Journal
  17. Decorative boxes
  18. Small statuary
  19. Sacred music
  20. Charm kits
  21. Witches ladders
  22. Dream catchers
  23. Chalice
  24. Libation vessels
  25. Offering plates
  26. Prayer beads
  27. Ritual cords
  28. Tea and Cakes
  29. Fairy Cakes
  30. Goddess dolls




Introduction to Heathenry: The Runes and Norse Magic

Join contributor Cara Freyasdaughter and the Rockford CUUPs group for a continuing Introduction to Heathenry.  This hour long class will focus on the Norse runes and Germanic magic. We will cover the various Futhark alphabets, galdor and seidh magic.

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2015 Witches Ball Image Gallery

White Oak Grove In The Press

Cara Freyasdaughter discusses being Heathen in White Oak Grove

Recently the Rockford Register Star featured an article about White Oak Grove CUUPS and its members.  Click here to read the story – Rockford-area pagans seek community, spiritual connection

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