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December 2016

White Oak Hellenic in 2017

White Oak Grove CUUPs is happy to announce that dates have been confirmed with the church for our 2017 Hellenic Special Interest Group.  We will meet on the third Friday of each month in the church’s library from 6:30 – 9pm, with the lesson starting at 7pm.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: After a vote of its membership the Heathen Special Interest Group has chosen to go their own way and are no longer part of White Oak Grove CUUPS.  This decision best supports the interests of both groups, and helps to focus where they see their future. White Oak Grove CUUPS wishes the Heathens of Midgard the best as they continue the activities of their vibrant and thriving community.

If you are looking to connect with a Heathen community in the Rockford, Illinois area, please visit their new Facebook group, Heathens of Midgard.

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