It can be hard to find time in this busy world to appreciate magic, the Gods, and the natural world around you.  If you’re looking for ways that you can reconnect with the magic within you, we’ve got 5 simple ideas for boosting your spirituality!

1. Read a spiritual book that you have been wanting to. Bonus points if you use it like a workbook and take on a few projects that may be within the pages.

2. Learn a new form of divination. Do some research and make a regular practice of using divination in your life. Try a couple of types to see which one comes more naturally to you.

3. Make time for daily devotions. Take a minute or two each day to honor the divine, it may be as simple as pausing for a moment to say thank you for being alive, lighting a candle to honor a God or ancestor, devoted meditation on spiritual themes, or even a full ritual.

4. Get to know a God or Goddess. Pick one deity and make them the object of your study for a year. Try to incorporate the lessons that they teach into your daily life. Create an altar space in your home to honor them during your study.

5. Keep a spiritual journal. We often forget the things we do that are good for the soul. Keep a journal to track the progress of your projects, or simply to write down the efforts you make to nourish your spiritual side.