Kristen recently (August 4th, 2018) lead the Sunday meeting in a discussion about Visualization and how it can be used in practice as it applies to our spiritual lives.  These are the class notes for that discussion.

What is Visualization

For the purposes of our class, the visualization is experiencing something in your mind’s eye, or with your ‘third eye’.

“A visualization can be a singular inanimate object, many objects, people, animals or anything. It can be a scene, and interactive experience or a full-on adventure. You can see colors, textures, close up or far away. Although you might think this is a ‘visual’ experience only, it’s far more. You can experience touching things and feeling the sensations (hot, cold, smooth, rough, soft, hard and more). You can also hear, taste and smell – not through your human ears, mouth or nose of course. All of these inner senses can be utilized during visualization.” (1)

Visualization partnered with your intent create the basis of spiritual manifestation.

Practicing Spiritual Visualization

“Mental practice can get you closer to where you want to be in life. Research has revealed that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone.” (2)

Envisioning your goals can help you to accomplish them by creating a mental sort of muscle memory. With spiritual visualization this often comes in the form of calmness, decreased stress, and deeper understanding of subjects you are studying. Pagans often use different levels of visualization techniques in divination, shadow work, spell casting, ritual, and healing.


“As Above, So Below”

What happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike. “To the magician the magical act, that of causing a transformation in a thing or things without any physical contact, is accomplished by an imaginative act accompanied by the will that the wanted change will occur.  The magical act and imaginative act becomes one and the same.” (3)

Where You Can Practice Visualization?

You can practice visualization anywhere; chair, couch, bed, beach, or forest all make wonderful spots for visualization practice. You don’t need anywhere special, to practice visualization. Most people like to combine using visualization techniques along with meditation.

Important Note: Please DO NOT practice visualization while you are driving or operating any sort of machinery. Visualization techniques can drop you into a semi-hypnotic state. Doing so while driving or operating machinery is extremely dangerous and can cause catastrophic accidents.

Visualization Tools

Visualization tools to help you create not only ethereal sight, but the strong emotion that help to create a fuller experience.

  • Sight: Painting, Photograph, Dream Board, Altar Space
  • Sound: Music, Tones, White Noise
  • Touch: Object to hold
  • Smell: Perfumes, Oils, Fresh Flowers, Herbs & Spices
  • Taste: Food, Drink

Visualization Exercises

Good visualization is a skill that needs to be practiced and refined. The longer you stay with it, the more complete your experience will be. Visualization lays the foundation you need for astral journey and trance work. As your mind develops you will be able to create immersive environments to travel through where you may encounter

But for now, let’s start with some basics.

  • Exercise: Using tools to create imagery.  Sound/Smell/Touch
  • Homework: Light the candle.






Thank you for joining us for this discussion.  The material presented is originally from Visualization In Spirituality, a White Oak Grove CUUPS Hellenic discussion with Kristen Kirk held August 5th, 2018.  ©2017 Kristen Kirk