Offerings that you make don’t need to be expensive or extravagant.  Here are 10 simple gifts for the Gods that will show your devotion without breaking the bank.

  1. Prayer flags – Garlands of cloth flags, often printed with prayers are left hung outside where the breeze can blow.  As the fabric unravels the prayers are carried on the wind.
  2. Clottie Rags – Very similar to prayer flags, the colorful strips of cloth tied into the branches of trees.
  3. Finished feathers – Decorated feathers can be painted, tied with ribbons, or even wrapped in metal work.
  4. Fairy Cakes – If you’ll be baking to leave gifts for the Gods, be sure that you use ingredients that are safe for animals that may find your offering.
  5. Food & Wine  – Since ancient times offerings of meat, grain, wine, and honey have been left for the Gods. Set aside a small portion of your meal and leave it for ancestors or divinity.
  6. Herb Bags, Bundles, and Flowers – Different types of herbs work to help manifest your goals.  Discover which are associated with the Gods you most work with.
  7. Prayer Notes & Cards – Written prayers on slips of paper and left in a sacred space are an ancient form of magic.
  8. Twig Bundles& Floss wrapped sticks – As you wrap the bundles bind these offerings to the Gods.  Use colorful corresponding threads, in natural materials to help set your intent.
  9. Tassels – Simple to make, tassels can be designed in a wide variety of colors and styles to honor your Gods.  String them into a garland and decorate your altar space with them.
  10. Shells & Stones – Simple and beautiful offerings, be on the look-out for unique shells and stones everywhere you go.



Kristen Kirk for White Oak Grove CUUPs  ©2017 Kristen Kirk