Q: How does the tarot deck know what I want?

A:  Having a question is the best way to do tarot. It can be something as simple as: What should I look for today? Should I take the job offer? What do I need to know? You can ask as abstract or as focused of a question as you desire. Just keep in mind that sometimes the question you ask, is not always the one that is answered. You may have a question lingering in your subconscious that needs the answer more than whatever you asked. Sometimes the cards actually know more than you realize.

Also, if you are reading for someone or having someone read for you- the question is more times than not not disclosed. If you are reading or having a reading done, the question may be asked to stay internal to not sway cards or interpretation. Others would prefer to know the question to see that they are giving you pertinent information. This is again, all subject to the reader and preferences. Obviously you will know your own question if you are reading for yourself. Some allow others to touch their deck during the reading. This may be done by letting them shuffle at some point (either the last shuffle or whatever the reader requests). Others allow the person to cut the deck only. Or some are only allowed to touch the cards that they point to during their reading. It is your choice to allow or not allow others to touch your deck(s). Keep in mind that decks that are touched by others will need to be cleansed and/or charged after each reading to void any lingering effects from that person. Again, this is all up to the reader, their sensitivity, and preferences.

This Two Minute Tarot was originally presented by April Kane for White Oak Grove CUUPS August 4, 2019.  ©2019 April Kane