Q: The same card keep popping up in all of my spreads, and I think it’s throwing my readings off.  What does this mean?

 A:  A signifier card is not necessary for a tarot reading.  Everyone has their own opinion about signifiers, their use, and how to choose them.  A signifier represents the person who the reading is for, either yourself, or to use them as a placeholder for a person that isn’t “there” for their reading.

There are some tarot readers that dictate signifiers should correspond to the appropriate card for their astrological sign. Others choose a signifier when reading for themselves because a particular card ends up appearing more times than not and sometimes in instances that just don’t quite make sense. That card is in effect removed from the deck and set aside for the reading. Signifiers can change over time, unless you are using one that represents your astrological sign. The most common spread that can use the signifier is the celtic cross spread where the first card represent “you”.


This Two Minute Tarot was originally presented by April Kane for White Oak Grove CUUPS August 4, 2019.  ©2019 April Kane