I am happy to announce that after serving many years on the Board of Directors, I have become the Interim President for the White Oak Grove Chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.
I am a Hellenic Polytheist Witch with some eclectic tendencies because let’s face it, you have to go with what feels right. I have established relationships with several of the Olympic Gods, as well as with Odin who has a way of wiggling himself into my psyche. My special interests include working with water, herbs. crystals, and dreams. Service to our spiritual community is the method in which I honor my Gods and I feel a great responsibility to have been called to step up into this leadership position.
I would also like to introduce a long time White Oak Grove member Tori and thank her for taking my previous BOD position as PR and Media coordinator for the group. She brings a fresh new perspective on social media and community outreach to the table.
While we will not be meeting for the remainder of 2020, I hope that you will continue to visit the website and use our Facebook group to share and discuss pagan topics of all sorts. The BOD is working on a slate of online opportunities to learn and grow from home that I hope you participate in.