Looking for a fun read to keep you busy on the dark nights to come?  Betsy compiled a list of tarot related fiction to entertain and delight.

  • The Tarot Cipher by Amy Isaman
  • Steeped in Murder: A Tea and Tarot Cozy Mystery by Kirsten Weiss
  • Fool Me Once (A Tarot Mystery) by Steve Hockensmith (series)
  • Eight of Swords by David Skibbins (series)
  • The Fool Card by Bevan Atkinson
  • Fool’s Moon by Diane A. S. Stuckart (series)
  • Trouble in the Tarot by Kari Lee Townsend (series)
  • The Tower by Irene McGarvie (series)
  • The Eight of Pentacles by Eloise Hill (series)
  • The Prime of Ms Dolly Greene by E.V.Harte (series)
  • In the Cards: Murder and Magic in the Library by Marjorie G. Jones (series)
  • Last Call by Tim Powers Tarot at Midnight: 21 Short Tales by Carla Girtman
  • The Tarot of Perfection: A Book of Tarot Tales by Rachel Pollack
  • Tarot Fantastic by Martin Harry Greenberg and Lawrence Schimel
  • The Tarot Reader’s Daughter by Helen Dunwoodie