Check out what we’ve got going on!  White Oak Grove CUUPS usually holds its meetings on the first Sunday of each month at 12:30pm, in the library of the Unitarian Universalist Church Rockford.  Follow the links for more information on specific events, and join our Facebook Group for all the most current information. Masks are required no matter if you are vaxxed or not. Please join us!

Updated: 09/06/2021

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9/12/21 – Re-meet and Re-greet Open House! Deale Hall, UU Rockford

10/03/2021 – Samhain Traditions – Ritual – A Family Friendly  Celebration of Lives Lived and Lost

10/23/2021 – Samhain/Halloween party. A casual, no stress get together. Costumes encouraged, but optional

12/05/2021 – Yule Party!

02/06/2022 – What is paganism?/ Wheel of the Year

03/2022 – Moot – A Social get together

04/2022 – Discussion topic to be announced

05/2022 – Family Beltane Ritual

06/2022 – Social Event