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A Discussion on Labyrinths: Their History, Types, and Local Locations

Come and join the White Oak Grove CUUPs Discussion Group on September 4th, 2016 for a special class and discussion of Labyrinths! Guests will learn a labyrinth is and how it differs from a maze.  We’ll discuss a brief history of labyrinths ancient and modern, as well as how to draw one for yourself, and how use to labyrinths of all sizes in meditative practice.
There will be a free gift for the first 15 people!  We look forward to seeing you at this special class on Sunday September 4th, 2016 at 12:00PM in the Library.
Pre-registration is requested but not required and can be made at
or by emailing
Thanks to the members of White Oak Grove CUUPs for fulfilling all hospitality functions at that morning’s service. Please join us after the service for coffee and conversation in Deale Hall.

January Traditions That Connect Us

The 2016 continuing theme for White Oak Grove CUUPs (Covenant of Universal Unitarian Pagans) is “Traditions That Connect Us.” Month by month we explore different pagan traditions, how they can relate to each other, and the modern cultural aspects derived from them.  Join us next Sunday (1/3/16) to explore January Traditions, 1PM at Rockford Unitarian Universalist Church.

These are some of the things that happen in January.

– Janus – Capricorn – Birch – 12th Night – Garnet –

La Befana – Wolf Moon – Cold Moon – New Year – Burns Night

The Calendar of Events Page has been updated to reflect the first quarter of 2016!

When will we be seeing you?

Introduction to Heathenry: The Runes and Norse Magic

Join contributor Cara Freyasdaughter and the Rockford CUUPs group for a continuing Introduction to Heathenry.  This hour long class will focus on the Norse runes and Germanic magic. We will cover the various Futhark alphabets, galdor and seidh magic.

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The October meeting was a celebration of shines and altars, thanks so much to everyone who came out and brought expamples of their shrines to share.   The class handout can now be found in the files section of our Facebook Group.

Check out Kristen’s Travel Altars Pinterest board for more ideas on how to make personal portable shrines!

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