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Introduction to the Runes

“I know that I hung

on a wind-battered tree

nine long nights,

pierced by a spear

and given to Odin,

myself to myself,

on that tree

whose roots grow in a place

no one has ever seen.


No one gave me food,

No one gave me drink.

At the end I peered down,

I took the runes—

screaming, I took them—

and then I fell.”

(Havamal verses 138 – 139, “The Poetic Edda” translated by Jackson


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Introduction to Heathenry: The Runes and Norse Magic

Join contributor Cara Freyasdaughter and the Rockford CUUPs group for a continuing Introduction to Heathenry.  This hour long class will focus on the Norse runes and Germanic magic. We will cover the various Futhark alphabets, galdor and seidh magic.

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